Case Study – Talkspace

Back in 2012, experienced chartered surveyor, Jonathan Hand, spotted a gap in the market for assisting business owners with commercial property transactions. It was clear that small and medium businesses (SMEs) were being under-represented and without the kind of insight available to larger companies when searching for, and negotiating, property.

Speaking about the company, Director Linda Fogarty-Smith said: “At Talkspace we’re on a mission to shake up our industry. When it comes to choosing a new commercial property or negotiating a lease, having the right knowledge and advice is crucial – because it’s not the same as buying a house!”

Through their years of experience, the team at Talkspace are taking a modern and innovative approach to commercial property.

“Unfortunately, when businesses look for a new location, they’ll usually just approach an agent and pay the price they’re given. However, we have acquired a depth of expertise that is helping us save businesses both time and money – with an approach that puts business owners first.

“At Talkspace, we act on behalf of business owners, helping them find the perfect property and then negotiating to get the best deal. Our fees are a fraction of the savings we negotiate, which means our clients can focus their funds on carrying their business forward into the future.”

Talkspace has aided clients such as Taylor Rose, Sophie Alpert, Motor Neurone Disease Association and EPD Insultation Group in property searches and lease/purchase negotiations.

The need for change

Talkspace approached Bulley Davey with the desire for a fresh take on their accountancy – after finding themselves in need of someone who matched their modern view and approach.

“As a small business, we need to know our figures on a daily basis, because our company is growing. If we’re not on top of our business information then we’re losing out. We’d been lacking that kind of insight.

“When we went looking for an accountancy firm, we wanted someone who could match our modernity and help us with a hands-on approach – using forward-thinking innovations that could help us take a step forward in terms of managing our accounts and utilising our data to make more efficient decisions.”

 A digital, pro-active approach

 A personal, pro-active service was exactly what Talkspace received when they met with Bulley Davey Director, Keir Warwick:

“Talkspace are growing and ambitious about their next stage of development” says Keir on working with the business: “we knew that it was important to match that ambition in our approach to their accounts. That means a hands-on attitude that focuses on attention to detail and modernising their accounts.

“We believe in not sitting on the fence and spotting opportunities wherever possible to make life easier and businesses more profitable for our clients. With Talkspace, we have introduced them to digital solutions like Futrli, which is a reporting software with lots of visual representations, letting you spot trends and variances easily. This allows them to focus on the things that matter most to their business.”

Speaking about working with Bulley Davey, Linda continued: “We really like working with Keir – he’s personable and our team can work with him well moving into the future.

“Within our first quarter working with Keir and Bulley Davey, he’s got us understanding our figures with updates every month and reports that are excellent in pulling out detail. What’s great is that not only do we receive the accountancy advice, but every meeting Keir comes with some snippets of business advice – pragmatic, actionable advice which is so valuable to a company like ours.”

The services