Five things you didn’t know your accountant can do

If anyone asked you what an accountant does – your mind might conjure someone sat a desk with a calculator and reams of receipts; or maybe a spreadsheet being slowly dissected.

Well, while crunching numbers is still the bread and butter of accountancy, the industry is changing fast and our role with clients and businesses has developed and expanded beyond what you might expect. So what does that mean?

Digital apps and technology

The biggest development in accountancy, and one that has helped dispel the old notion of what an accountant does, is the introduction of new technologies and applications.

Software like Quickbooks and Xero are increasing the value of accountancy for businesses big and small – as well as offering access to data in real-time that lets you make smart business decisions.

A host of other apps deal with everything from chasing invoices to creating management accounts. At Bulley Davey we introduce clients to these apps and offer training and guidance to help you make the transition to digital.

Business coaching

Your relationship with your accountant is often a special one, as we have access to a side of your business which is usually saved for a select few. What many businesses don’t realise is that from this position we can offer pro-active business advice and coaching services, which can help you make informed business decisions.

For some of our clients, we will sit in a Financial Director role on their board of directors; while with others we have carried out audits of their business systems and finances. Don’t be afraid to make use of our expertise in these areas to take your business forward.

We don’t charge for every second

A common reason for people not approaching an accountant is that they think they’ll be charged from the moment they meet us. But speaking to an accountant isn’t like jumping in a taxi – we won’t start the metre when you pick up the phone.

We want to help you in any way we can – so we’ll often invite you to our office for a sit down to discuss your situation and any challenges you’re facing. If we can offer some guidance we’ll do that – and if there’s a need for our services then we’ll discuss costs from there.

We want to be asked questions

In order to offer you the best advice regarding your finances, whether personal or business, it’s important for your accountant to understand your position as best as possible. That means we’ll ask plenty of questions – but also that we want to hear your questions.

If you’re unsure whether a change to your finances, or your business, is going to have a significant impact on you then ask us! It’s far better for us to know in advance, so that we can help you react if necessary, than to know after it’s already happened.

Give you time

Ultimately, if you’re thinking of employing an accountant for your business or personal finances, one of the key things to know is that we can save you time. Through digital applications, paired with experience, accountants can offer you advice and spot opportunities to take your business forward in real time and remotely.

So reimagine that idea you had in your head about accountants and get in touch today!