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It is sometimes said that making money is much easier than keeping it. At Bulley Davey, we can provide the expert advice you need to make the most of your wealth, whilst minimising your tax exposure.

Bulley Davey Wealth Management

As a firm we recognise that clients are often in need of financial advice on pensions, mortgages, life assurance policies and other products and this advice often goes hand in hand with the type of business and personal taxation and accounting services that we provide.

Through our sister company, Bulley Davey Wealth Management Limited, we are able to offer all our clients a comprehensive independent financial advice service.

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We welcome enquiries into our Financial Services whether you are a current Bulley Davey client or not.

The Bulley Davey Wealth Management team can be contacted on 01775 718850.

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Wealth retention

We can advise in connection with the following:

Financial planning for the family – we can help you to make the most of allowances and tax-saving opportunities, manage your assets and maintain a ‘spread’ between income and capital.

Your remuneration package – are you making the most of current benefits regarding pensions, company cars and expenses, and other benefits such as medical cover?

Estate planning – we can help minimise your inheritance tax liability, through strategies such as the use of gifts and trusts.

We know that you have worked hard to create your wealth. Now Bulley Davey can help ensure that you and your family enjoy the fruits of your labours and have a secure financial future.

Retirement Planning

In a world of longer life expectancy, and pension provisions that have fallen short of expectations, planning for financial security in retirement is more important than ever.

Bulley Davey has the expertise to guide you through this complicated area of financial planning where so many factors are relevant, to ensure that you enjoy the comfortable retirement you deserve.

We can help you to:

    • Calculate how much you need to save for an adequate pension ‘pot’
    • Decide the most appropriate and tax-advantaged pension scheme
    • Make proper provision for your family
    • Find appropriate strategies for exiting your business
    • Minimise exposure to inheritance tax


Trusts remain a valuable tool for estate planning, providing for children, and for managing wealth tax-efficiently within the family.

We can advise as to how you may take advantage of trusts and executorships to ring fence your assets for the benefit of whoever you should decide to benefit from your wealth. 

Capital gains tax planning

Whether you have benefited from the sale of a successful business, or perhaps from the boom in property prices, careful tax planning to manage your wealth is essential.

Bulley Davey can guide you through the current capital gains tax (CGT) legislation, helping you to take advantage of the sometimes generous reliefs available.

We can also take account of the interaction between CGT and inheritance tax, to ensure that the optimum financial result is achieved for you and your family.

Personal tax planning

 The efficient management of your tax affairs is an essential part of your personal financial planning. Effective tax planning can create opportunities for you to minimise your taxation liabilities and the efficient handling of your tax compliance can eliminate the risk of penalties and fines for noncompliance.

The objective of our tax planning strategies are straight forward – for you to pay as little tax as necessary whilst remaining fully compliant within the tax law.

Will writing service

Many overlook writing a will as they believe they are either too young or that a will is too time consuming and expensive to complete.

In reality a will is necessary to protect you, your family and your assets. If you do not have a will in place your money, property and possessions will be shared out in accordance to the law and will not reflect your personal wishes.

The benefits of a will include:

    • Letting you determine who will inherit everything you own.
    • Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning can be considered.
    • You can name Guardians to look after your children.
    • You can appoint people you trust to act as your Executors.
    • You can state what will happen at your funeral.


Bulley Davey Wealth Management provides a personal, straightforward will writing service that will give you peace of mind that your affairs will be handled legally and fairly following your death.

For further information on how we can assist please contact Caroline Brearley, who is a qualified member of The Society of Will Writers, on 01775 718850 or email caroline.brearley@bulleydavey.co.uk.