The conversion to an academy gives increased levels of flexibility in many areas such as curriculum, admission and staffing policies. This inevitably leads to an increase in responsibility and administration and our team is here to work alongside you to ensure that your systems and processes are sufficient for the latest requirements.

Conversion Support

Once you have taken the decision to convert to an academy, our team can assist you with accountancy software installation, set-up and training. We will also work with you to create and document the necessary procedures which are designed to ensure that the academy maintains effective and robust financial control systems.

Accountancy and Audit Requirements

At the year end you will be required to produce fully statutory accounts which can then be independently audited. We can work with you to produce the statutory accounts in accordance with legislation or we can carry out the audit and provide you with an independent audit opinion. The audit process is not just seen as a compliance process but an opportunity to observe your systems and processes and offer advice and recommendations for improvements. As accountants or auditors we will look to work with you and provide guidance and support on how to develop your internal processes.

On-going Support

We can help with your requirements to appoint a Responsible Officer and carry out quarterly checks on the systems. We can also offer advice on VAT and reclaiming VAT and assist with payroll requirements and queries. We are here to work with you helping you comply with regulations and ensuring the success of your academy.

 The pdfs below provide some further information on key aspects of the processes involved.