The Portal – Registration

We provide our Virtual Cabinet Document Portal (the portal) to enable clients to send to us and receive from us electronic files and documents in a safe and secure way.

The safety and reliability of document transmission via email cannot be guaranteed. The portal provides a much higher degree of security and reliability for electronic communication of your confidential information. The portal also enables us to obtain your approval to accounts and tax returns that we produce for you making this process much more efficient and less time consuming than the exchange of a paper based document.

If you are not already registered, the portal can be made available for you on request. Once you have received a document from an individual at Bulley Davey you will then be able to send and receive files to and from that individual.

TO REGISTER: Please contact your Bulley Davey manager to request your login details. If your needs are urgent please contact us by telephone to ensure that your request will be dealt with promptly.